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ஐங்குறுநூற்று மருதத்திணைப் பாடல்களில் பரத்தமை ஒழுக்கம் மறுத்தல்

Ainkurunuru Maruthathinai Paadalkalil Parathamai Olukkam Maruthal

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Abstract (English):

Ainkuruguru was edited by Koodalur kilar, which contain 500 limerick poems of 100 each, and each 100 millets are sub – divided into 10 headings which contain 10 songs each. In which Maruthathinai has writer by Oorampokiyar which contain 100 songs. Heroine wrote this poem by angry on her Hero who went for Adultey (பரத்தமை) which was accepted by the society but not by her. later her friend (தோழி) make compermise on her Oodal (ஊடல்; fit of sulkiness and between lover or husband and wife), At first she pull her hero outside the gate and then she open the gate by his love on him, And then Kaamakilathi (காமக்கிழத்தி) a women kept for satisfying a men’s sexual desires who is called a concubine), even she is also a Parathamai, she select only one hero and make a life with him. She is much similer to Kaamakilathi; and make more love on her hero, and if her hero is searching for another Parathai. She won’t accept and make angry on him, Even she is belong to Parathai, women by her mind and Oodal (ஊடல்). In conclusion, this song’s meaning, and concept tell about the especially of Oodal. And mentioned the characters and personality of Parathamai pirithal, Kamakkilathi, Oodal, opening and clossing the gate of maruthathinai. Also we can understand the complete meaning of the above by using the grammer of Tholkkappiyam.

Abstract (Tamil):


Tholkkappiyam, Kamakkilathi, காமக்கிழத்தி, பரத்தமை, ஊடல்


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